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Laser Therapy

     Because veterinary medicine is a dynamic field, there are always exciting trends and new technologies to embrace.  At Warrenville Grove Animal Hospital, we continue to investigate new drug therapies, more effective surgery techniques, and innovative products that will enhance your pet's quality of life.

     Recently, the hospital purchased a Class IV therapeutic laser.  Scientific research shows that when applied to affected tissue, the energy from the laser's light enhances healing, decreases inflammation, kills bacteria/fungus, and perhaps most importantly, provides relief from pain.  These positive effects make the therapeutic laser useful for treating various skin conditions, ear infections, post-op incisions, and musculoskeletal pain often associated with age.

     We have used the laser for the past 3 months and both staff and patients have been impressed with the results.  We are seeing more rapid healing times post-op, and whether surgical or medical, all patients appear more relaxed and comfortable after treatments.  For chronic conditions, like arthritis, ongoing treatment may be required, but for most conditions, only 1-5 treatments are necessary to reduce pain, inflammation, and swelling.

     Laser therapy is part of an exciting trend called integrative medicine; the combination of conventional treatment like medicine and surgery with non-invasive, natural therapies.  At Warrenville Grove Animal Hospital, we are pleased to offer the best of both worlds to provide our pets the optimum opportunity to heal quickly and feel good.