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Update on Corona Virus in Pets

     As you may have heard, there has been a second dog in Hong Kong that has tested positive for COVID 19. The owner of the dog was diagnosed with the disease and, as routine, Hong Kong is testing all pets in the households of confirmed human cases. In this case, there are 2 dogs in the house, but only one tested positive.

Neither dog is showing any symptoms at this time. The assumption is that the transmission was from the owner to the dog. Currently, there have been no reports of any dogs becoming sick in any other COVID 19 situations, but testing has been limited.

Further testing will be needed to determine if the virus can maintain infections, or if this is a restricted contamination.  If the CDC deems necessary, there are veterinary laboratories in the US with verified tests that are ready and able to start testing.

Based on these limited cases, the current recommendations are:

-Do not expose pets to any humans that are ill with any respiratory disease for 14 days.

-Practice social distancing between non household pets

-If someone in the household is verified with COVID 19, do NOT send pets to live with a neighbor or relative.

-If someone in the house becomes infected, communicate with the health department about testing animals in the house.

 -Stay informed. Recommendations for testing may change on a daily basis as new information becomes available.

At this time there have been no reports of cats testing positive.