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House Calls

     While house call vets are usually associated with more rural areas; Warrenville Grove Animal Hospital offers house calls right here in the suburbs.  Warrenville Grove Animal Hospital actually began as a house call vet practice!   After the clinic was built, Dr. Aaron Vigil continued the house call practice.  He now divides his week between well-established clientele in the DuPage County cities of Warrenville, North Naperville, Wheaton, and Glen Ellyn; as well as the Cook County cities of Oak Park, River Forest, and Forest Park.  Many services that can be performed at the clinic can be done in your home.

     There are many very good reasons to use house call vet services, either on a regular or an as-needed basis.  One of the most common reasons we hear is convenience.  A visiting veterinarian is the perfect solution if you cannot drive or if your pet is unable to get into your vehicle.  Often large, older dogs are unable to get up into the car easily because of arthritic hips, a bad back, or a general unwillingness to cooperate.  Just getting some cats into a cat carrier is hard enough; the car ride, however short, can be traumatic for everyone!

     Behavior is definitely a deciding factor when determining if a house call vet is right for you. If your pet exhibits behavior at the vet such as aggression or anxiety, or gets sick in the car, a house call may be the perfect choice for you.  The flip side of this is also true; animals that are protective of their own homes may also be aggressive towards the veterinarian coming into their territory.  These pets may actually be more cooperative in the office, a neutral site.

     If you have multiple pets, we don't need to tell you how hard it is to schedule multiple visits or to attempt to bring all your pets in at once!  A house call vet can see everyone in one well-planned visit; and potentially at a lower cost than bringing everyone in on different dates.  If you have young children or babies, a house call allows you to schedule your appointment while the kids are in school or babies are napping. 

     Lastly, many people prefer to say goodbye to their pets at home vs. bringing them into the clinic.  Euthanizing a pet is a very private time for families.  Doing it at home ensures peace and privacy, eliminates stress, and allows you time to grieve in the comfort of your own home.  We meet many new clients in their homes when they are saying goodbye to a beloved pet, and are grateful when they come back to our practice if and when they decide they are ready for a new addition.

     At Warrenville Grove Animal Hospital, we are pleased to be able to offer you both in-clinic and at- home healthcare for your pets.  For more information about Dr. Aaron Vigil and our Visiting Veterinarian services, please call our special Visiting Vets line at (630) 393-4240.