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Halloween Safety

Halloween Safety for your Dog

Candy and Other Treats:  Please remember that human treats are usually NOT good for dogs!  Be especially careful with chocolate, which can be toxic to dogs.  Candy and treat wrappers can also cause problems.  Alcoholic beverages and dogs do not mix- they pose a significant risk of severe illness or even death.

Halloween Decorations:  Your pet is sure to be curious about new objects around the house.  Be careful not to put decorations in places where your dog could ingest them.  Remember to put your jack-o-lanterns out of your dog's reach.  Some dogs will eat pumpkins, and there is also a risk of fire by knocking over the candles used inside of jack-o-lanterns.

Trick or Treaters:  Many dogs like visitors, but the added excitement of answering the door repeatedly may cause anxiety. Your dog may also be afraid of the costumes! Consider removing the top screen from your screen door if you are able; opening the door frequently gives your pet many opportunities to escape! Take into account your dog's typical reaction to visitors, and take extra precautions on Halloween.  

Halloween Costumes for Dogs:  While some dogs enjoy getting dressed up, others can become scared or uncomfortable in any type of clothing.  It is best to dress up your dog ahead of time to see how he or she will respond.  If your dog is not bothered by dressing up, then have fun with it!  Be sure that the costume is not too tight, cutting off circulation, or rubbing and causing irritation.  Never leave your dog unattended when it is in a costume.  An unsupervised dog could get its costume caught and injure or choke itself, or he may just decide to eat it! 

Outdoor Danger:  It is very important to keep a close eye on your dogs and cats during the Halloween holiday.  Unfortunately, there are cruel people who have twisted ideas this time of year.  Black cats are not the only animals at risk.  Keep your pets safely with you or indoors at all times.